Celebrities singing the praises of ThermiVa

The Kardashians like to live their life very publicly and they are regularly featured on the pages of various magazines and websites endorsing various products or procedures as well as being seen publicly discussing their lives on their TV show/s by millions. When it comes to the various procedures they have had to improve their bodies and faces it seems that nothing is off limits. From showing Kim Kardashians reaction to a Botox procedure that didn’t have quite the desired results to other procedures she has had done, it was her sister Khloe that told the world that her sisters have ThermiVa – or as she called it, “a vagina lasering thing to tighten”. According to Khloe it was all her sisters, who have both had children, could talk about.

What is ThermiVa and who is having it done?

ThermiVa is a non-invasive vaginal tightening treatment that approves the appearance and function of the vagina. Now whilst many celebs will admit to having certain procedures carried out like Botox and eye lifts, you won’t hear many of them talking about how they have their vagina tightened. You can always rely on Sharon Osbourne though who had an invasive procedure and said it was agony. Unlike invasive procedures ThermiVa is a simple, non-invasive procedure that can be carried out in 20-30 minutes with no after effects.

ThermiVa is becoming increasingly popular

This non-invasive treatment is now so popular that more and more people are turning to it to help give them back the body confidence they had prior to children. For some it may be purely a cosmetic procedure that it is done to make the vagina look better or to improve the tightness. For others it can be to help resolve a medical issue such as urinary leakage or to hold a tampon in place. Some women find that it helps to restore both the function and the appearance and that it helps with leakage and other uncomfortable associated problems.

More women in their 20’s and 30’s are turning to ThermiVa

Whilst we may not see many celebs opening up about such procedure it seems that more and more women in their 20s and 30s are turning to the treatment to give them back the confidence they had previous to having children. As well as improving the appearance and elasticity it can also improve orgasms. The treatment lasts for a year although initially you need to go 3 times at 1 month intervals. It isn’t a procedure that will see you out of action for days at a time. It is such a simple procedure that you can simply pop in on your lunch break and have it done.

How does it work?

Because the treatment uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat the tissue and rejuvenate the collagen there is no scarring, no bruising, no swelling or redness. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort following the procedure. Not like Mrs Osbourne who says that her invasive tightening procedure was excruciating. In fact if you were given a choice between invasive and non-invasive procedures with the same results you’d choose the non-invasive option for sure right? The side effects and risks are far less than you would get with a surgical procedure and there won’t be any stitches or re-visits needed to have any further surgery. In fact it is even less invasive than having Botox – no needles and no substances to inject – just a simple laser.

Who performs the procedure?

The procedure is an elective procedure meaning that it isn’t covered by medical insurance and it isn’t available at your doctors. Like many cosmetic procedures it is carried out by a licensed professional that has been trained to perform the procedure. You need to find a reputable dermatology clinic and make sure that the person that carries out the treatment is experienced and that you can see evidence that they are a licensed practitioner that has performed this treatment previously. They will be able to carry out an examination and advise you on what to expect from the procedure and the results that could be achieved.



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