How do Non-Surgical Facelifts work?

When you think of a facelift your first thought it that it is probably some major operation that involves cutting into your skin and tightening back the skin over your face whilst having various other parts of your face nipped and tucked. Afterwards the recovery time is a good few weeks and for the first week or so you look like you have been through the ring with Mohammed Ali. Now whilst most people think they need a facelift to restore their youthful looks many of them are now turning to alternatives. In fact if you think less “facelift” and more facial rejuvenation then there is a whole list of products you can try. The products are great for providing a solution to different parts of the face and the different issues that ageing can bring but combined they can provide various solutions.

Botox, Dysport and other fillers

These fillers and muscle relaxing injections have been used for many years now to stop wrinkles and furrow lines whilst filling out other areas of the face and plumping up bits that have sagged. If you have just a few problem areas that you would like working on then this small treatment may be just the thing you need to take years off you and make you comfortable in your own skin, so to speak. For just a few hundred dollars you can have a 3-6 monthly treatment that will slow down the ageing process and reverse the signs of ageing. Used alone they are great but different fillers have different benefits so sometimes you may decide to use more than one.

The Vampire Facelift

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is also known as a Vampire Facelift – mainly because it involves the patient’s own blood. No it’s not some kind of satanic ritual – this is just the name it seems to have adopted. The process involves drawing the patient’s blood from their body, separating the platelets from the blood and then injecting the platelet rich plasma back into the patients face to encourage skin healing and renewal. Although this procedure may seem quite involved it is actually as simple as having Botox filler – once the blood has been treated the injections to put it back into the patients skin is similar to Botox. It’s great for crow’s get, dark circles, sun damaged skin and much more.

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Skin tightening uses radio frequency waves to reshape and contract the skin’s collagen and tighten the surface of the skin. It’s like laser treatment but without the laser and the Radio request waves penetrate the skin to tighten it from the inside out. RF waves encourage the stimulation of collagen fibroblast production, this stimulates the production of new collagen fibres which smooth the skin making it tighter and younger looking.

Other popular treatments

Alongside the above there are other treatments like the Restylane Y shaped facelift – this involves Injecting Restylane into a y shapes area including marionette lines and crow’s feet allows the skin to be refreshed and rejuvenated with the simple procedure which includes a few injections of this filler. The Silhouette Instalift is great for tired and sagging skin and then there are Chemical peels, laser tightening and other FDA approved treatments. These are all great forms of tried and tested non-surgical facelifts that have been used by many in the US for many years. They treat all manner of facial conditions from sun damage, which increases the signs of ageing, to acne scarring and other furrows and pits caused by the ageing process. The treatments can be used individually or combined to produce different results which improve the overall appearance of the face.

Deciding on the best non-surgical facelift for you

The best thing you can do is make an appointment to discuss the various options available to you. You may just require a few simple filler injections here and there but there might be other treatments that you would benefit from to give you a more youthful look. By visiting a licensed and qualified specialist you will be advised on the best course of treatment for you and what the various treatments involved. You can then ask any questions and get a bit more detail about what is involved in each procedure and if there are any possible side effects or other information you need to consider.



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