What Is Ultrashape®?

Ultrashape® is a form of non-surgical liposuction that can be used to break down fat cells and contour the body.  Unlike traditional forms of liposuction, it is a non-invasive treatment that does not involve cutting the skin or inserting instruments into the body.  Ultrashape® is ideal for patients who have stubborn fat deposits they wish to remove, but are hesitant about having surgery.

What is non-surgical liposuction?

Non-surgical liposuction techniques use a variety of different technologies to break down unwanted fat cells under the skin.  The technologies that are most commonly used for non-surgical liposuction include laser energy, ultrasound, radio frequency, and cryolipolysis (very cold temperatures).

None of these procedures require injections or incisions into the body.  The fat cells are broken down by a treatment that is external to the body, then removed through the body’s natural processes.  While the level of fat loss is usually less than a standard liposuction procedure, non-surgical liposuction has many advantages including:

Reduced risk

Unlike invasive surgery, there is no risk when undergoing non-surgical liposuction.

  1. Reduced cost
    These treatments can be performed without a surgeon and outside of an operating theatre.  This leads to a significant reduction in cost.
  2. No pain
    Non-surgical liposuction is completely pain-free for most people.  In some rare cases, people experience some numbness, swelling or bruising in the area where they had the procedure performed.
  3. Reduced healing time
    Because there are no injections or incisions, healing time is dramatically reduced.
  4. Tissue tightening
    Some non-surgical liposuction procedures have the added advantage of tightening the tissue in the area where the procedure was performed. This is true of any procedure that uses lasers, radio frequency, or ultrasound.

How Ultrashape® works

Ultrashape® uses an electronic device that emits pulsed acoustic waves of ultrasonic energy.  These waves of energy cause fat cells under the skin to break down.  This form of treatment is particularly effective at eliminating the fat cells that cause cellulite.

It takes about an hour for the treatment to be performed.  The Ultrashape® device is simply passed over the area being targeted.  Most patients require two or three treatments over the space of a month to obtain the desired results.

This non-invasive treatment is very low risk and will not damage muscles, blood vessels, or any other parts of the body.  There is no pain involved and most patients don’t experience any discomfort during or after the procedure.

After the fat cells have been displaced by the ultrasonic waves, they are passed into the blood stream and processed by the liver.  There is no recovery period after the procedure has been completed — patients can immediately go back to their normal daily activities.

Physicians suggest that the patient’s diet should be modified to include less sugar and fats for 48-hours after the procedure has been performed.  This is to make it easier for the liver to process the fat cells that have been displaced by the procedure.

The side effects from the procedure after very minor.  Some patients experience redness, mild swelling, and bruising a few days after the procedure has been performed.

Who should get Ultrashape®?

Anyone who is within 10-15 kilograms of their ideal weight and has stubborn fat deposits can benefit from Ultrashape®.  It is also useful for people with fat deposits in locations on the body where surgical liposuction cannot be safely performed.  People who are concerned about the risks associated with invasive surgery can also benefit from Ultrashape®.

Ultrashape® is not recommended for patients who are pregnant.  It is also unsuitable for patients who have a skin cancer, an infection or ulcers in the area they wish to target.
Ultrashape® is effective for treating fat in various locations in the body including the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, neck, knees, and back.

What are the results of an Ultrashape® treatment?

After two or three treatments, most patients have a reduction of between 3 and 5 cm to the area where the fat was located.  The results from the procedure are usually noticeable a couple of weeks after the first treatment. 


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