ThermiSmooth® Face

As we age we all tend to seek out methods to slow down the signs of aging, Dr. Sally Booth, in her Indianapolis practice, offers several options to reduce the signs of aging.

One method that she is now offering is ThermiSmooth® Face. This is a skin tightening, laser-like treatment that targets the subdermal (under the skin) layer and melts the associated fat. This helps to tighten loose skin, wrinkles and other blemishes without surgery.

How Does ThermiSmooth® Face Work?

As the laser heats the subdermal layer, the skin will begin to produce collagen. The level of heat used will be controlled carefully by Dr. Booth or a member of her staff under her direction. Their goal is to produce smooth, natural looking results that rejuvenate the appearance of the skin.

Who are the Best Candidates for ThermiSmooth® Face?

ThermiSmooth® Face is used to treat wrinkles, loose skin, and other conditions that affect the skin. Individuals who are not ready for surgical options see ThermiSmooth® Face as the answer.

Dr. Booth has indicated that she is using this treatment to lift and tighten the skin, while melting fat, on the neck and face, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles that appear on the forehead and eyelids.

Benefits of ThermiSmooth® Face

  • Minimal amounts of discomfort
  • Little or no downtime
  • Surgery is not necessary
  • Safe for all pigments and skin types

What to Expect

Individuals who undergo this procedure will feel heat from the laser. However, there is rarely any discomfort or pain. Once that treatment has been completed, a little bit of swelling and some redness are normal. These symptoms can last for several hours to a day. Most patients are able to resume normal activities immediately after the procedure. Some patients will see immediate results after the treatment, but it usually takes a couple of months to see the full effects. Producing collagen is a slow process.

Depending on the individual, Dr. Booth may determine that a patient needs several treatment sessions. Once the desired results have been reached, the patient can expect them to last for a year or two.

Why Is ThermiSmooth® Face Different from Other Radiofrequency Devices?

There are two main reasons why ThermiSmooth® Face is different. First, it is given during a single treatment. Second, it delivers energy under the skin instead of through the top layer of skin. This means that Dr. Booth can target the results while minimizing the patient’s discomfort.

What Is The Cost Of ThermiSmooth Face In Indianapolis and Carmel ?

The price of ThermiSmooth Face varies for each person depending on the extent of treatment necessary. Booth Dermatology & Cosmetic Care Center of Indianapolis and Carmel accepts CareCredit® financing options that work with every budget! Please speak to our concierge team for more information.

How Do I Get Started?

Dr. Sally A. Booth and her staff will be happy to discuss the details with you. Please feel free to call for a private consultation at one of our offices in Carmel or Indianapolis. Dr. Booth and his staff at Booth Dermatology & Cosmetic Care Center provide personalized care to residents of Indianapolis and Carmel with state-of-the-art technology for optimal health, aesthetics, and patient satisfaction. To receive more information or schedule a consultation, call (317) 848-2427 to speak with our friendly staff.